Spring Clean your Body

The benefits of colon hydrotherapy

Stomach reliefAs one of the wettest and windiest winters in living memory finally starts to draw to a close, our thoughts turn gratefully to spring. The daffodils are out, there’s buds on the trees and the days are getting so much lighter and longer.

The arrival of spring prompts many of us to get our house in order; spring cleaning the inside and moving back out into the garden once again to prepare it for those lovely summer days outdoors.

It also inspires many of us look at our health and wellbeing after many months of carb-heavy winter eating and long abandoned New Year diets.

Spring is a great time to make changes to your lifestyle. Healthier eating is just around the corner as salads come into season, and healthier living feels easier too as the warmer weather encourages us off the couch and into great outdoors. We all feel ready to move on from the winter and start afresh, just like the new shoots springing up all around us.

In the same way that you spring clean your home, colonics are a great way to spring clean your body, washing away the winter and getting you ready for spring. A gentle flush out with warm, filtered water is all it takes to refresh and revitalise your digestive system, thoroughly clearing your colon of waste, while stimulating the natural muscle movements that are vital to regular, healthy bowel movements.

Many people find a colonic does much more than clear their bowels; it clears their head too, leaving them feeling energised and invigorated, with an all-round fresh feeling that puts a spring in their step. This boost can be the perfect way to blow away those winter blues, and many people use a colonic as a kick start to other spring-inspired lifestyle changes like diet and exercise.

So if you’re glad to see the back of the miserable winter, and can’t wait for that sunshine spring feeling to come along, talk to your local colon hydrotherapist today. They’ll help you to spring clean your body, leaving you feeling lighter and fresher and ready to make the most of all that the new season has to offer.

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