Are you ready to eat, drink and be merry this Christmas?

strawberry santasWith the Christmas season almost upon us, we’re all getting ready for the fun to come; buying new outfits for the Christmas do, buying new furniture for our homes, buying food ready for those festive feasts. With so much to do, it’s easy to forget to get yourself ready for all the indulgence that is to come.

At Christmas, we all eat and drink far too much of all the wrong things. Huge Christmas dinners, mountains of cheese and chocolate and endless alcohol will all put our guts under huge pressure. No wonder we all feel bloated and full at some point over the holidays, and many of us will still feel the after effects well after the celebrations have ended.

Gut ready for Christmas

With such punishment on the way, it makes sense to get your guts in the best possible shape for the festive season, with a visit to your local ARCH registered colon hydrotherapist. A colonic will clean out your gut, just like you clean your home ready for festive visitors. And if you combine your colonic with a short course of pro-biotics, you’ll give yourself the best chance of surviving the season without problems.

The stress of the staff party

As therapists, we understand that stress can play a big part in digestive disorders, and few things are more stressful than Christmas. And if that triggers your IBS, you could end up bloated with no chance at all of fitting into your favourite festive outfit.

A colonic will not only help to reduce your bloating, and help you fit your party outfit, your therapist will also help you to feel better by talking about your stress and giving you strategies to help you deal with your symptoms.

Happy New Year

If you don’t have time for a treatment before Christmas, then why not book in to kick start your New Year. Colon hydrotherapy is a great way to wash away the sluggish feeling from all that over indulgence, and it’s the perfect treatment to support all your New Year’s resolutions.

ARCH therapists have got lots of friendly advice on diet and lifestyle to help you enjoy a happier, healthier New Year, so book your appointment now and make 2015 the year you take control of your health.

Merry Christmas from us all

Whether you’re planning to see us before Christmas, or after, we’d like to take this chance to wish all our clients a very Merry Christmas and a Healthy New Year from everyone at ARCH.



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