What does a Colon Hydrotherapist do?

A colon hydrotherapist is much more than a technician delivering a procedure; they help clients to think about the possible sources of their digestive problems and to help them to make positive changes in their diet and lifestyle that will bring things back into balance.

Talking and listening

As a therapist, you’ll do as much talking as technical work, and this side of the therapy is just as important. There are not many people we can turn to and talk openly about our poo. You’ll find that many clients are hugely relieved to find someone who will listen to, understand and explain their bowel problems and offer effective solutions. For many clients who have been let down by a vague diagnosis of IBS by their GP, knowing that they are not alone, and that there is something they can do to relieve their symptoms, can make a real difference.

Helping clients reconnect with their body

A treatment session not only includes the therapy itself, colon hydrotherapists also help their clients to reconnect to their bodies through advice, guidance and education. So many of us take our incredible physiology for granted and suffer as a consequence. Skipping meals, eating the wrong things, not doing enough exercise, they all catch up with us in the end. Colon hydrotherapists not only help to relieve the symptoms of the resulting poor digestive health, but also help clients to address what led to them in the first place.

Of course, not all clients come for a colonic because they are having problems; many use the therapy preventatively, to keep their bowels healthy and avoid problems in the first place. Just like a personal trainer at the gym, you’ll work with both the fit and the unfit.

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Find a therapist

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