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Join ARCH at its 31st annual conference

Sunday July 8th 2018 in central London - venue TBC

By popular demand, ARCH welcomes back:

Dr Eric Yarnell ND, RH  Professor in the Department of Botanical Medicine at Bastyr University, where he has taught for 15 years. Author of Natural Approach to Gastroenterology Volumes I and II, plus many other publications and research papers.

Fred Gillam  Owner and Director of The Wild Side of Life, which hosts the annual Medicinal Mushroom Conference in the UK.

Following the amazing feedback from the 2017 conference, Fred is back by popular demand, speaking on his trials and research into preventing and halting IBS attacks due to gluten ingestion, along with using Medicinal Mushrooms to calm and support inflammatory conditions in the digestive tract.

Full details to follow soon.


Helping ARCH members

Above all, ARCH is a community, and we are here for our members, whenever and however they need us. For example, some members have experienced problems with the Nightingale Collaboration targeting their websites, and ARCH has been there to support them with professional and legal advice. We can also advise on what you can and cannot say on your website and in your marketing material, based on ASA guidelines and our own legal counsel.

ARCH and social media

As well as the full redesign and rewrite of this website, ARCH is also active across a range of social media platforms, including Twitter (@archcolonics) and Facebook ( We regularly monitor YouTube for relevant videos to share with our members and search the world wide web for CPD opportunities. Very soon we will have two new blogs on this website, one for the clients and one for members only, we will also work to increase involvement and raise the profile of ARCH and colon hydrotherapy.

Links to our main social media accounts can be found at the top of our website pages.

My ARCH – Roger Groos

As one of the founding members, I am passionate about ARCH being an association run democratically by members for its members.I particularly like giving the benefit of my long experience in response to members queries.

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