Men’s Health Week

Men’s Health Week

June 9th sees the start of Men’s Health Week across the world, with countries from Canada and the USA, to Australia and New Zealand joining Europe in promoting men’s health and awareness of men’s health issues such as prostate cancer and workplace health.

Men’s health and colonics

While most colon hydrotherapists see more women than men, men still make up around 40% of their clients. Part of the reason for this is that IBS, one of the main problems that colon hydrotherapy can help with, is more common in women, so more of them seek our help. Men often come for a colonic for different reasons than women, and ARCH therapists are ready, willing and able to help them with whatever digestive health concerns are bothering them.

Men’s health issues

Men are generally less concerned with body issues, such as bloating, than women are. Male clients are often more concerned with odorous wind and their frequency of needing the loo than they are with what their bowel problem is doing to their waist line. But whatever your reason for seeking our hep, you can be sure of a friendly, understanding welcome from your ARCH therapist and practical help with your problems.

It’s good to talk

All too often men, especially ‘men of a certain age’ worry a great deal about their health, but don’t actually talk about it much or seek appropriate help. There are so many innate issues about strength, manliness and vitality, that admitting to having health concerns is thought of as a sign of weakness by many men.

The good news is that you can talk to your ARCH therapist in complete confidence, knowing that they have heard it all before, and that they will offer advice and therapy in a sympathetic and non-judgmental way. You can talk to your therapist about your diet, your bowel habits or anything else that is worrying you about your digestive health.

Our therapists know that it takes real courage for some men to open up about their health and they will treat you with respect and preserve your privacy and dignity at all times.

A change for the better

Many men really want to know how to improve their health by changing their diet and lifestyle, but just don’t know where to start. It’s not exactly a common topic of conversation at the match or down the pub with your mates.

Your local ARCH therapist will have helped lots of people just like you to make the changes they needed to feel lighter, fitter and enjoy a new sense of wellbeing, and they can help you too. They can talk to you about your diet and lifestyle and make some simple, practical suggestions to get you started. What’s more, a colonic, or course of colonics, is a great way to kick start the new you.

Prostate cancer awareness

One of the main themes of men’s health week is to raise awareness of prostate cancer, and this is something that is close to our hearts as health professionals.

It is important to remember that while your therapist may perform a brief rectal exam prior to your treatment, this is no substitute for a proper prostate examination with your GP or consultant.

Prostate cancer is the most common cancer in men in the UK, with 110 people a day diagnosed with the disease. On the positive side, 8 out of 10 men now survive thanks to early detection and treatment. So if you are having problems urinating, or you find yourself needing to urinate much more frequently than usual, talk to your GP and get tested as soon as you can. Worrying about it won’t help you, but getting diagnosed and treated will.

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