Take care of yourself

Since 1948, Britain has enjoyed free health care at the point of delivery thanks to the NHS, a unique system in the modern world. There’s no doubt that this has led to huge improvements in the nations health, including a much lower infant mortality rate at the start of life and a much longer life expectancy at the end. Despite the constant bad press, we have all come to rely on the NHS more than we care to admit.take care of yourself

And therein lies the problem. With free healthcare available on tap, far too many of us have abdicated responsibility for our own health. We don’t consider our diet and lifestyle enough, because we assume there will always be someone there to pick up the pieces when it all goes wrong. We see our health as the responsibility of our GP or our local hospital, when in fact the responsibility lies firmly with us.

Your body is a temple?

It’s fair to say that for most of us, our body is not a temple, not by a long way. But it is important to remember that your body is where you live, and it’s the only home you will ever get.
Just think about that for a moment…

If you knew that your house was the only place you’d ever have to live in, you would look after it and maintain it properly, keeping it clean and tidy, makings sure the water keeps running and the drains stay clear. Yet how many of us look after our bodies with the same diligence and care?

If you block your drains at home by putting the wrong thing in, once you’d unblocked it, you certainly wouldn’t put the same thing down the drain again. Yet many of us keep putting the wrong things into our bodies time and time again, knowing they will cause problems like obesity, diabetes and high blood pressure, because we assume that the NHS will sort out the problems.

Your health is your responsibility

The point is that we are all responsible for our own health, and we all need to take that responsibility more seriously than we do. GPs and hospital consultants can help when things go wrong, but it is ultimately your body that heals itself in the end, even after cancer treatment. But you have to give it all the help it needs to heal and stay well through nutrition, exercise and lifestyle changes. That’s you – not your doctor or your diet club, but you yourself.

Here to help

Complementary therapies, like colonics, are just that; a way of complementing your own self-care. It’s not about how good your therapist is, or how many certificates they have on the wall, it is about you, and how you incorporate your treatment into the way you look after yourself.

ARCH therapists don’t pretend to have a magic solution to all your digestive problems, but they can help you to find some answers for yourself. They can help you think about factors like diet and lifestyle and find ways to take better care of yourself by taking responsibility for your own health.

Remember, your body is amazing, but it is the only one you will ever get, so you need to look after it. Over the next few blogs, we’ll be suggesting some ways in which you can care for yourself better, from introducing a little extra exercise, to small but important changes to your diet. So if you’d like to take better care of your body, watch this space.
To find out more about self-care, and how colonics can help, talk to your local ARCH therapist today. You can find a therapist near you by clicking here.

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