Think about what you drink

Red Bull may give you wings, but simple water can give you tons of energy too, as well as many other benefits. Best of all, it’s available 24/7 straight from the tap in all our homes and workplaces. Yet it is estimated that as many as two thirds of us actually go through life dehydrated, leaving our bodies starved of this most basic and useful of resources.

So before you reach for an energy drink to give yourself a boost, or put the kettle on for a coffee to wake you up, have a think about what you are about to drink.

waterThe elixir of life

Water is essential for a whole host of processes in your body, from lubricating your joints to moistening your eyes and nose. It regulates your body temperature, carries nutrients to your cells and helps eliminate toxins and waste products.

Between 50% and 70% of your body is water, rising to as much as 75% in your brain, so it’s no surprise that we feel sluggish and tired when we are dehydrated. It is estimated that just a 5% drop in fluid levels can cut your energy by as much as 30%. We even reflect this in the words we use, describing ourselves, rather appropriately, as feeling ‘drained’.

Essential for digestion

One of the most common symptoms of dehydration, and one that ARCH therapists come across all the time, is constipation. Quite simply, if there is not enough water in your body, the colon will extract as much as possible from the waste passing through it, making your stools much drier and bulkier. What’s more, since the colon itself is left drier by dehydration, passing these bulky stools becomes even harder.

Our clients find that colonics can help with constipation through dehydration in two ways. Firstly, the gentle wash out can ease the passage of dry and bulky stools, and secondly the introduction of water into the colon can rehydrate it, allowing it to work more effectively.

Drinking more

You might think that you’re already getting plenty of fluids through tea, coffee and carbonated drinks, but these can actually have the opposite effect. Caffeine and sugar are both diruetics, so drinking them will cause you to lose more fluid than you gain. Alcohol is also a diruetic and so has a similar effect, however many pints you drink.

Drinking more water couldn’t be easier. Keep a glass or bottle of water on your desk, or choose water instead of coffee on your break, and you’ll soon notice a huge effect on your health, energy and vitality.

Not only will you feel more energized, you’ll also enjoy smoother, clearer skin, less stress, better muscle tone, and of course, better bowel movements. You may even lose weight, as the sensation of thirst is often confused with hunger.

Make the change today

Many people are intimidated by guidelines that say that we need to drink so many glasses or litres per day, but you don’t need to aim so high to start with. Like a dried out pot plant, suddenly adding loads of water will just flood your system and result in lots of trips to the loo! It’s better to gradually increase your uptake and give your system time to adapt to its new hydrated state.

Talk to your ARCH therapist today about how water can improve your health, and get a kick start to the new you by hydrating your colon with a gentle, soothing treatment.



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