Top Ten Healthy Holiday Tips

Travelling abroad for your summer holiday is always exciting, and you’ve probably been counting down to your summer break for months. But all too often, that holiday excitement often gets spoiled by an upset stomach while you are away, as your gut gets shocked by foreign food and unfamiliar bowel bacteria. So what can you do to keep those bugs at bay and enjoy a healthy holiday? Here are our top ten tips:

  1. Be prepared – get your guts in the best possible shape for your holiday break with a visit to your local ARCH registered therapist before you go. Not only will a pre-holiday colonic help beat the bugs, it will also help reduce any bloating so you’ll feel fab in your bikini!
  2. Get a flying start – flying can cause all sorts of gut problems like bloating and constipation if you stay strapped in your seat. So make sure you get up and move around regularly, especially on long flights, and drink plenty of fluids (but not too much alcohol!).
  3. Watch your water – even if you’re told that it’s safe to drink, it’s best to avoid tap water while you are away. Only drink bottled water and avoid ice in your drinks.
  4. Look but don’t touch – those exotic snacks from street vendors may look enticing, but you have no idea about their standards of hygiene. By all means drink in the atmosphere of the market stalls, but stick to food in reputable restaurants.
  5. Be pro-active with pro-biotics – there are lots of supplements you can take to boost your body’s defences with ‘good’ bacteria when you are abroad. Ask your ARCH therapist for advice.
  6. Get ready for the runs – always pack some Imodium, or similar diarrhoea treatment, just in case the strange and spicy food gets the better of you. The more exotic the cuisine, the less exotic the toilets tend to be.
  7. Now wash your hands – take extra care to wash your hands before you eat, or better still, carry a small bottle of hand steriliser gel for you and your family to use.
  8. All you can eat – this is not a challenge! Overeating to get your money’s worth is a recipe for disaster for your gut. You’re on holiday so take the time to enjoy your meals at a leisurely pace.
  9. Wash it all away afterwards – make sure all you bring back are memories by booking in with your local ARCH therapist after you get home. A colonic is a great way to wash away any unpleasant stowaways that are hiding in your gut.
  10. Keep your holiday bounce – a course of pro-biotics from your ARCH therapist will keep you feeling great and help avoid those post-holiday blues.

Of course, holidays are all about trying new tastes and flavours and indulging yourself a little, and we don’t want to spoil your fun with rules and regulations. But if you take the time to look after your gut while you’re away, you’ll enjoy a happier, healthier holiday that you’ll remember for all the right reasons.

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