Top 10 myths about Colon Hydrotherapy

There are so many myths and misunderstandings about colon hydrotherapy, from squeamish assumptions to tabloid media hype. In this month’s blog, we’re going to lay to rest the top ten myths to put your mind at rest and encourage you to give our wonderful, refreshing therapy a try.

Myth 1: Colon hydrotherapy hurts!

No it doesn’t. You may experience a little discomfort when the speculum is first inserted, but the therapy itself is very relaxing and gentle. What’s more, you remain in complete control of the therapy, only filling as far as you feel comfortable, and releasing when you feel the need.

Myth 2: Colon hydrotherapy is messy.

With all that water and poo it has to be a real mess, right? Wrong! Colon hydrotherapy uses an enclosed system that carries the waste away from your body and straight to the drain. The sealed system means that there is no mess and no smells.

Myth 3: Colon hydrotherapy is embarrassing

Not at all. ARCH therapists are trained to put you at your ease and help you to feel relaxed. We understand that you will feel a little anxious; it’s only natural. However, you can rest assured of our complete discretion at all times.

Myth 4: But I’ll be naked and you’ll see everything!

Of course you won’t! Your modesty will be preserved and respected at all times during your treatment. You will wear a surgical gown and you will normally be covered by towels or blankets during your treatment. Your bottom will be exposed for a brief few seconds as the tube is inserted but otherwise you will remain covered throughout.

Myth 5: I’ve heard colon hydrotherapy strips all the good bacteria as well as the bad.

Your gut is alive with millions of good and bad bacteria in a careful balance. The good news is that most of the good bacteria live in the gut wall and so there is no danger of them being washed away by your colonic any more than them being washed away by the waste that passes through your colon every day.

Myth 6: Colon hydrotherapy is not safe!

Professional colon hydrotherapy, practiced by a fully trained, ARCH registered therapist is perfectly safe. After all, it is no more than a wash out with warm water. There is no pressure, no sharp objects and no chemicals that could cause you any harm.

Myth 7: People will think I’m weird

You’d be surprised how many of the people you know that have colonics. It is not just a treatment for new age hippies or far left fruitarians, we treat people from all walks of life, from solicitors to teachers, nurses to soldiers, and many of our therapists even count GPs amongst their clients. Colon hydrotherapy is as natural a way of looking after your health as going to the gym!

Myth 8: Colonics removes stuff that’s been stuck in your gut for years!

The media love a sensational story, and wildly apocryphal tales of colonics dislodging Lego bricks and marbles swallowed in childhood abound. These are not true. All a colonic will do is wash out your large intestine. It can clean out impacted waste if you have been constipated, but only from recent days, not from your early childhood.

Myth 9: I’ll need to stay by the loo all day after my treatment

Quite the contrary. Since a colonic cleans out your gut, you may not need to go to the toilet for a day or more after your treatment. You can safely get the bus home after your treatment without worrying about getting caught short. Having a colonic can fit easily into your day without any disruption.

Myth 10: All colonic hydrotherapists are the same

No they are not. As the largest and longest established professional organisation, ARCH sets the highest standards for our therapists. We insist on independent regulation and we ask all members to undertake at least 30 hours of continued professional development every year. All our therapists have undergone ARCH approved training and all our clinics are inspected on a regular basis to ensure our standards are upheld. Our members are proud to be ARCH therapists because it sets them apart as the gold standard in colon hydrotherapy.

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