Top ten reasons to choose an ARCH registered therapist

At ARCH, we work hard to uphold the highest standards for our therapy, and we’re proud of each and every one of our therapists. We believe that you should always choose an ARCH therapist for your colon hydrotherapy, and here’s why…

1. Clinical background – to become a member of ARCH, you must demonstrate extensive experience in a medical or other therapeutic profession. We do not accept anyone without the appropriate background and skills.

With an ARCH therapist you can be sure of a professional treatment.

2. Approved training – all ARCH members must be trained in an ARCH approved training school. This includes extensive anatomy and physiology, as well as comprehensive safety training.

With ARCH you will be treated by a knowledgeable therapist, not just a technician who has been taught to use the machine.

3. Inspected clinics – all ARCH members are subject to regular clinic inspections to make sure that they are adhering to our high standards, such as having an en suite toilet and working in a way that protects your safety and your dignity.

With ARCH you can be sure of a clinic that is clean, comfortable and designed for the therapy.

4. The highest standards – the ARCH code of conduct is the most comprehensive and detailed in the industry and all members agree to uphold these standards.

When you choose an ARCH therapist, you can rest assured of the very highest standards of care.

5. Continued professional development (CPD) – all ARCH members are obliged to undergo a minimum amount of training and learning each year to keep up to date with the latest developments. Members must show their CPD as part of their membership renewal application.

With ARCH your therapist will never be behind the times or stuck in old ways.

6. Independent regulation – it is a condition of membership that all therapists must sign up with an independent regulator.

ARCH therapists are confident in their therapy and practice and happy to submit to independent regulation to reassure their clients.

7. Backed by experience – ARCH is run by therapists for therapists, with a team of our most experienced members always available to advise and support our members.

With ARCH, you get the benefits of the whole organisation behind every treatment.

8. Largest colonic association in the UK – ARCH is the UK’s biggest colonic association, with members from Scotland to the South Coast.

More therapists choose ARCH than any other organisation, so you can be sure of the widest choice of therapist available wherever you are in the country.

9. Quarter of a century of care – ARCH has been setting the standard for our therapy for over 25 years, and we have an impeccable record for client care and safety.

Our experience makes your experience better.

10. A professional approach from approachable professionals – our slogan says it all about how ARCH and its therapists go about our work.

We hold ourselves to the highest possible standards, yet we remain friendly and approachable to put you at your ease for a relaxing and effective treatment.


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