How do I become a Colon Hydrotherapist?

To become an ARCH registered Colon Hydrotherapist, you will need to have either trained with an accredited ARCH school or be able to provide evidence that your training met the NOS and Core Curriculum for Colon Hydrotherapy (CNH26).

ARCH is proud to set the highest standards of any UK Colon Hydrotherapy Association. The National Occupational Standards for Colon Hydrotherapy (CNH26) has recently been introduced which sets out a minimum standard of practice. Whilst most UK associations have agreed to conform to the standards, ARCH insists on stringent levels of training, which must also meet CNH10 – National Occupational Standards for Naturopathy.

ARCH accredits external training schools. All schools are independently audited and inspected, and teach the education syllabus set by ARCH to meet CNH26, CNH10, CNH1 and CNH2. After completing the course students sit a written examination set and marked by an independent examiner and undertake a practical assessment with an independent assessor.

What qualifications are required prior to training?

To train to be an ARCH registered Colon Hydrotherapist, it is preferred that students have a background in either healthcare or complementary and alternative medicine (CAM)1. However ARCH accredited schools will consider training applicants from a non-CAM background and will help guide them to source the initial background training in Anatomy and Physiology (minimum RQF level 3) and a short course in massage, if required, prior to the actual Colon Hydrotherapy training commencing. For those students coming from a healthcare or CAM background recognition of prior learning can be mapped to the core curriculum and study credits applied.

Applicants are also required to hold a current First Aid Certificate2 and will be required to provide a Disclosure & Barring Service check; for further information see:

Training in Colon Hydrotherapy

An ARCH set training course requires a commitment from the student to do a minimum 100 hours of pre-reading and complete home study modules containing self assessment homework. This is followed by a minimum 100 hours guided learning in a classroom environment covering all aspects of theory and clinical practice.

The course can be taken as an intensive 12 day course with evidenced accredited prior qualifications, or, to allow greater flexibility, can be taken in shorter modules over a maximum twelve month period.

Applying to join ARCH

On completion of the course and passing the external theory examination and practical assessment, you will be eligible to apply for membership of ARCH. Applicants with a CAM background will be able to apply for Full membership while those applicants from a non-CAM background will be able to apply for Licentiate membership. Applicants from a non-CAM background will be encouraged to undertake further professional training in a CAM discipline to upgrade their membership status to Full Member.

Upon acceptance all newly qualified members will be appointed a mentor during their first year of practice.

Please note that while ARCH welcomes applications for membership, acceptance of applications is at the sole discretion of ARCH.

For further details of training with an ARCH approved school please visit the Training School page.




1Healthcare backgrounds include: doctor, registered nurse, paramedic, midwife, physiotherapist and dietician, as well as some related fields such as radiography or pharmacy. CAM backgrounds include: acupuncture, chiropractic, herbalism, homeopathy, nutritionist, naturopathy and certain massage therapies. This training would be equivalent to two years full time or three years part time in length; verifiable certification must be produced. If your previous therapy did not include physical contact then a short massage course will be required. In addition, you may need to study additional anatomy and physiology courses to meet the required standard before you commence your training.

2If a First Aid Certificate is not already held first aid training may be completed during the course.

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