Ten reasons why Colon Hydrotherapists choose ARCH

Different members choose ARCH for different reasons and we aim to have something for everyone, whatever their experience, wherever they are with their business, whatever they need to be a success. Here are the top ten reasons to choose ARCH:

  1. A unique network of likeminded people
    ARCH is a community where like-minded people can come together to share their experience. Most Colon Hydrotherapists are self employed and can sometimes feel isolated and alone. ARCH unites the UK’s best therapists together in a strong and dynamic community.
    ARCH brings members together every year for an annual conference and AGM, giving them the chance to meet and network with fellow therapists and share the fun and frustrations of our unique line of work.
  2. Support of therapists
    ARCH works hard to support all our therapists through the good times and the bad. Together we have many years of experience in the industry and this means we can provide expert advice and guidance to our members on a wide range of issues that affect them both individually and industry wide.
    We support all our members, from new therapists setting up in practice for the first time, to existing members who are having problems, including a reassuring 12 month mentorship scheme for new therapists. With ARCH behind you, you are never on your own. 
  3. Advice from other members
    As an ARCH member, you’ll make invaluable contacts with other therapists across the country. You will have a network of fellow therapists in the ARCH Members FaceBook Group (closed group) - a place to share questions, triumphs and problems, and to access discounts, CPD opportunities etc.
    What’s more, in our exclusive Members Section, you’ll have direct access to our executive committee, which includes some of our most experienced therapists. Each committee member lists their specialities and areas of interest and each welcomes your questions and queries.
  4. Discount insurance
    All members are required to hold full professional indemnity and public liability insurance. To help with this, ARCH has arranged a unique block insurance policy with Balens, which not only provides bespoke cover designed specifically for the needs of colon hydrotherapists, but also offers members an exclusive discounted rate. Your Balens cover can include any other therapies you practice.
    Balens has worked with ARCH to understand our industry in detail, and they take our advice and guidance when creating policies and settling claims.
    (For the Purposes of Insurance only, The Association & Register of Colon Hydrotherapists is an Introducer Appointed Representative of Balens Limited, Bridge House, Portland Road, Malvern, Worcs. WR14 2TA, UK, who are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.)
  5. CPD
    Continued professional development is a key element of any career, ensuring that you keep abreast of new protocols in the industry, as well as new techniques and technology. ARCH strongly values the continued professional development of our therapists and asks for a minimum of 30 hours per year as a condition of membership.
    To help you achieve this requirement, ARCH runs its own CPD training and provides members with details of other qualifying events. You’ll also gain CPD points by attending the annual ARCH conference and AGM.
  6. Directory listing
    One of the main functions of ARCH and its website is to provide the public with easy access to top quality colon hydrotherapists in their area. As part of your ARCH membership you’ll get a free listing on our website, which includes a postcode search facility.
    Your listing includes your clinic address, your contact details, including phone, mobile and email, and a link to your website and/or the website of your host establishment.
    As part of your membership you have the option to be listed on the GNC (General Naturopathic Council) website as an Associate Naturopath too.
  7. Promotion of colonics
    ARCH actively works to promote colon hydrotherapy across a wide range of marketing platforms, from talks and appearances at industry events to social media platforms. As well as creating this website to explain and promote the therapy and our therapists, ARCH also provides leaflets and other promotional material to our members.
    ARCH is also active promoting colon hydrotherapy within the wider therapy industry. We have taken part in the leading industry event – CAM Expo – for several years, and are always on the look out for other events and exhibitions where we feel colonics should be represented.
  8. Representation of the industry
    ARCH is seen by many as the expert voice of colon hydrotherapy, and we regularly represent our industry and our therapists in the media.
    For example, in 2011, there was a burst of negative publicity for colonics based on the selective reporting of certain elements of a new American study. Typically the Daily Mail got involved and there was even a debate on Jeremy Vine. ARCH worked hard to balance the arguments by supplying real facts and figures regarding colon hydrotherapy and successfully calmed the storm.
  9. Online resources
    As an self employed therapist, it can be hard to stay up to date with the latest ideas and developments in our industry. It can also be difficult to find solutions to the day to day problems therapists face, from medical issues to marketing.
    As a member, you’ll have exclusive access to our monthly blog, which will deal with some of the most pressing issues that we all face as therapists. This blog will encourage feedback, so that we can share our experiences and work together to improve our practice and take our industry forward.
  10. Credibility of being a member
    Finally, being a member of the UK’s biggest and longest established colonic association gives your business credibility and gives your clients reassurance that they are in safe hands. ARCH is proud of the high standards it sets and clients tell us that this is very important to them when it comes to choosing a therapist.
    ARCH is more than just a pay-to-join society and qualifying for membership speaks volumes about you and your practice.

My ARCH – Angela Beasor
Being self employed can feel
isolating at times, but since
joining ARCH I have a growing
number of fellow therapists in
my phone that I can talk to
and know will understand me.

10 reasons to choose ARCH

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