ARCH Frequently Asked Questions

How long has ARCH been established?


ARCH (formerly the Colonic International Association) was established in 1987 by the late Dr Milo Siewert, and has been setting the standard in Colon Hydrotherapy for over 30 years.


How many members has ARCH got?


ARCH is proud to represent almost 200 members across the UK and overseas, and our membership is growing all the time as interest in Colon Hydrotherapy increases.


How is ARCH run?


ARCH is run by a voluntary committee chosen from, and elected by, its members. The committee makes most of the decisions for ARCH, in consultation with the members they represent. Major decisions are put to a vote where all members can have a say.


Why are there so many criteria for joining?


ARCH makes no apology for its high standards. If the association is to be respected, and its members are to be actively sought by the public, we need to set ourselves apart as some of the very best therapists in the country.


Why should I have to train at an ARCH accredited school?


Once again, high standards are of the utmost importance to ARCH and all that it stands for. We will only accredit training schools that meet the requirements for the Colon Hydrothearpy industry (CNH26) at minimum plus CNH10 for Naturopathy. These standards prepare graduates for safe and effective practice as well as evidencing training in nutrition and treatment protocols for many digestive ailments.


Won’t I get all this from other associations?


ARCH is by far the largest association, and the only verifying colonic association recognised by the CNHC, so membership carries greater credibility which gives you a more prominent voice in the industry.


How much does it cost to join ARCH?


Membership costs £150 per year, with Friend membership just £20. 


What do you use this membership fee for?


ARCH is a not for profit organisation, and we use every penny we receive wisely in the promotion of our therapy and our therapists.

Examples of expenditure include our stand at CAM Expo – the foremost exhibition in our industry, reduced cost leaflets and promotional materials provided to members, administration of our association and maintaining this website to keep both members and the general public fully informed of our work, as well for as social media platforms and any external expenses.

Committee members are volunteers and unwaged for the duties they perform.


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